Spy Kids 3: Uncle Felix's Lab Coat & Outfit-1
Spy Kids 3: Uncle Felix's Lab Coat & Outfit

Spy Kids 3: Uncle Felix's Lab Coat & Outfit

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When the Toymaker has devised a sinister plot to take over the world and sets his killer robots loose to destroy all of humanity, there's only one thing to do: call in your family! Uncle Felix may not be Juni and Carmen's real uncle, but Juni learns that everyone is your family when he comes to their rescue in this outfit during the movie's final battle.
Outfit Includes: Lab Coat, Shirt, Trousers, Necktie, and Belt.
Item Details:
Lab Coat: Offwhite color. Dupioni silk. Button front (spare buttons included). Three patch pockets.
Shirt: Grey and blue square pattern. Cotton material. Button up front. No size specified.
Charcoal Trousers: Microfiber with thin rib. Polyester and Rayon material. Zipper in front with button and hook-and-eye closure. Brand: Keithmoore. Size: 36.
Belt: Smooth black leather with square metallic grey buckle. Size: 36. Brand: Roundtree & Yorke.
Tie: Tan metallic color with red wired diamond pattern. Brand: Murano.
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