NEW GIRL: Schmidt's Avoidance V-Neck Sweater-1
NEW GIRL: Schmidt's Avoidance V-Neck Sweater

NEW GIRL: Schmidt's Avoidance V-Neck Sweater

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Schmidt is a lovable douche; that's why he got a jar to fill and not got kicked out of the apartment! He's got a great personality, probably because he was a fat kid, and now he's just trying to make it as a fashionable, handsome player in LA. Sadly, his loose ways are about to ruin the lives of people he cares about and he finally confided in his best friend Nick to figure it all out. Of course, Jess was able to get it out of him and tried to force him to tell Cece. In a flash moment of cunning, he ran out of the door, fighting to avoid the conversation. This shirt combo can be seen on screen below. Size Medium Shirt and Small V Sweater.

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