Mad Men: Don Draper's GM Confidential RFP-1
Mad Men: Don Draper's GM Confidential RFP

Mad Men: Don Draper's GM Confidential RFP

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This is probably one of the most memorable moments for the show. It summed up Don and his relationship with the partners and Joan typically for him, not care but for #1. At SCDP, Roger advises Don of an important must attend with wives meeting regarding Jaguar. At the dinner with Herb is somewhat perturbed that Roger is a no-show. Don, Megan and Marie glare w at Herb and his wife as they blather on with generally lowbrow conversation. Herb says that he wants Don to have his work reviewed by one of his dealership employees. Don immediately dismisses this and tells Herb that SCDP no longer wants Jaguar's business.

When Pete hears this he explodes knowing this could kill the public offering. But, in a well timed and fortunate turn of events Roger enters explaining that he has developed a huge opportunity with Chevrolet. Joan expresses extreme displeasure with Don whom she contends is only concerned with himself, disregarding the other partners, in particular her, and the unsavory methods she had to undertake to win the Jaguar account.The creative team is assembled in Don's office and excitement builds pitch to Chevrolet on a brand-new top-secret car they are developing. Mad Men Confidential GM information RFP packet.

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