Boardwalk Empire: Margaret Schroeder's Wrapped Taffy Box-1
Margaret Schroeder's Wrapped Taffy Box

Boardwalk Empire: Margaret Schroeder's Wrapped Taffy Box

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Margaret Schroeder has been longing to reconnect with her estranged sibling. When she finds out he lives close by in Brooklyn, she sets out to take the train there for a day trip. Margaret packs a box of Atlantic City's finest salt water taffy to bring as a gift-- although her brother is quick to point out that Luna Park in Coney Island has the same exact kind. The box is wrapped in green and white gift paper with a design that is authentic to the early twentieth century.
Fans will treasure this nostalgic gift box as a sweet reminder of the show and of Margaret Schroeder's character.
Size: 8L x 2 H x 8.5 W
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