American Horror Story Asylum: Real Prop Axe-1
American Horror Story Asylum: Real Prop Axe

American Horror Story Asylum: Real Prop Axe

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"I love you, Kit. And Alma. And our sweet, beautiful, miracle babies." Grace is so grateful to have found a home with Kit and Alma after finally being freed from Briarcliff. They all share so much -- it almost overwhelms her heart. Not only do her and Alma both have children from Kit, they also both gave birth to those children aboard an alien spacecraft. Amazing, wonderous children, who are so very special. One day, perhaps, the aliens will return and reveal their glorious plans for the makeshift, little family. That's what Grace believes, at least. She's convinced of it. Or she used to be convinced of it, anyway, before Alma snuck up behind her and hacked her to death with an axe. Own a piece of American Horror Story with this rubber special effects axe used on the show. This is a heavy axe and should not be used for anything except display.
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