SILICON VALLEY: Richard's Framed Text To Monica-1
SILICON VALLEY: Richard's Framed Text To Monica

SILICON VALLEY: Richard's Framed Text To Monica

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  1. RussFest was a success, the deal with At&t closed, everything is going great - until Richard discovers a dark, unsettling problem in the “Exit Event” series finale. Monica gifted Richard a framed snapshot of their final text message exchange after the deal was set. Richard is disturbed to find that the text message exchange is slightly different on Monica's phone than it is on his phone. There's a “.” missing from the text. This omitted period causes Richard to spiral, and he informs the crew the next morning that the network compression is so successful it will eventually eradicate all encryption, making privacy virtually impossible. Buy it and commemorate the exchange that saved us all from total anarchy!

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