Bones: Jeffersonian Institute Security Patch-1
Bones: Jeffersonian Institute Security Patch

Bones: Jeffersonian Institute Security Patch

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The Jeffersonian Institute earned its international reputation for being the best at using scientific methods to help solve crimes. This predominantly open-spaced environment is where the true magic happened in the Bones television series.Its laboratory, stocked full with test vials and high-tech lab machines, was the home of the “squints” and the interchanging “squinterns,” as Agent Seeley Booth fondly calls them. Grab an unique memento of this safe & secure location where murders got solved, explosions too often occurred, and friendships blossomed into family. This Jeffersonian Institute security patch is an ideal memento of this laboratory.

Bones: Jeffersonian Institute Security Patch
Size: 4" x 4.5"

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