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NEW GIRL: Schmidt's White Robe

NEW GIRL: Schmidt's White Robe

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New Girl 

Winston and Nick having lost touch with a good friend from high school and not really caring that much about it, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) decides the three of them need to undergo some kind of bonding ritual.

The initial suggestions alone would have made a priceless episode — Schmidt suggests a time share, Winston suggests an actual ritual, with burning chicken bones (because of course he does) and Nick takes the cake with:

“I’m really ready to get super weird into metal detectors if you guys are… look for treasure, nickels, dimes, quarters. If you find enough said treasure or change, supplement your income. It’s also entertaining. There’s an endorphin rush.”

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Schmidt decides the right call is a men’s spa day — woo! — complete with scrotum waxing… And you can imagine Nick and Winston’s reactions.



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