Sheshe Split-con Divorce Kit-1
SheShe Split-Con Divorce Kit

Sheshe Split-con Divorce Kit

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When Abby and Barbara attend Split-Con (the convention for divorced people) as representatives of SheShe, Abby is meant to present the happy face of divorce. (“So, are we divorced yet!”) The only problem? Abby isn’t happy at all. Did you miss the convention? That’s okay. You still have a chance to snag one of the Divorce First Aid Kits from SheShe’s booth, courtesy of Abs and Babs. Kit includes SheShe labeled pain killers, tissues, a condom, breath mints, chocolate bar, whiskey bottle, pain killers and an energy shot. Those last three probably shouldn’t be used together. Comes in a SheShe tote bag with an Abby McCarthy Live brochure and a “Why Aren’t You Divorced Yet?” sticker. “Everything you need to survive that first year.”

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